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Split System CH-S18FTXG

Split System CH-S18FTXG


• Highest Efficiency Class A: EER 3,97 ~ 4,0; COP 4,2
• DC-Inverter Rotary Compressor of new generation
• Energy savings up to 59% every day
• Ozone safe Freon 410A
• Safe start and operating in a range from 95V to 260V
• Stable Frequency Control technology - smooth and stable operation at very low frequency (15 Hz)
• Noise Analysis Technology - almost silent operation of indoor and outdoor units
• 1W standby power consumption
• Wide temperature range for efficient operation: from -15 ?C for heating and up to +48 ?C for cooling
• Precise temperature control with an accuracy of 0,5 °C
• Indication if outdoor and indoor air temperature
• The system of soft start of compressor with inrush current below 50A
• Energy-saving mode
• Intelligent automatic protection from icing of new generation
• Preheating. In contrast to the usual "on time" defrost scheme, when 50 minutes of compressor work mix with 10 minutes of thawing (average), the defrosting process is performed only if there is a real need. Obviously this modern technology reduces the power loss on unnecessary defrost cycles.
• Turbo mode. Enabling / Disabling the maximum fan speed for intense heating or cooling with a touch of a button
• Automatic selection of operating modes: cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation
• Fan start delay to avoid blowing cold air
• Wide-angle louvers that provide the coverage of the whole room volume
• Self-cleaning indoor block. After the cessation of the air conditioner the fan doesn’t stop and removes moisture from the heat exchanger, which eliminates the formation of mold, fungus and bacteria inside the block
• Cold Plasma – new generation technology for complete purification of air


Power consumption for heating1,35 (0,35-2,60) KW
Power consumption for cooling1,31 (0,36-2,50) KW
Performance, cooling5,30 (1,05-6,50) KW
Performance, heating5,70 (1,00-7,00) KW
Power consumption for heating1,35 (0,35-2,60) KW
Power consumption for cooling1,31 (0,36-2,50) KW
Performance, cooling5,30 (1,05-6,50) KW
Performance, heating5,70 (1,00-7,00) KW
TypeSplit System
Installation of indoor uniton wall
Type of refrigerantR410А
Dry mode2,00 L/hr
Indoor / outdoor unit weight12/52 kg
Source of electiricty~ 220-240V/50Hz/1Phase
Energy Efficiency ЕЕR (cooling)4,00 KW/KW
Air flow800 m3/hr
Indoor unit noise level (min/avg/max)29/34/38 dB(А)
Indoor unit dimensions (width/height/depth)865х305х215 mm
Outdoor unit dimensions (width/height/depth)955х700х396 mm
Outdoor unit noise level (min/avg/max)54 dB(А)
Energy Efficiency СОР (heating)4,20 KW/KW
Work temperature range-15/+48 °C
Liquid highway diameter6/1/4
Gas highway diameter12,7/1/2
Maximum height discontinuity highway10 m
Maximum length highway25 m
The distance between outdoor unit bolts 560 mm
Volume of the gas charge1,25 kg
Compressor typerotor
SEER - Seasonal coefficient of performance (cooling)7,1(А++)
SCOP - seasonal coefficient of performance (heating)4,6(А++)

*The characteristics, technical specifications and accessories may be changed without prior notice.