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For today, C&H plasma technology is the most advanced in the world.

Cold Plasma filtration system

Cold Plasma filtration system has unique advantages:

  • actively destroys the protein envelope of bacteria and viruses;
  • eliminates the need for other types of filtration;
  • converts all the radicals in the water and oxygen;
  • forms a strong, directional, volume flow of charged particles and free electrons, so that covers the entire volume of the room (without the aid of the indoor fan);
  • not throwing dust, nicotine, pollen and other particles on the ceiling and walls, and assembles them.

The principle of Cold plasma filters is based on the interaction of multiple electromagnetic paths, a constructive combination of which gives hydroxide ion (HO2-) or hydroxide plasma. This active particle reacts with the protein membrane of bacteria, viruses and destroys it to form water. Similarly, the structure breaks down chemical compounds (toluene, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde), as well as odors and allergens;

Electret dust filter

This filter is produced from a polymer of a permanent magnet and picks up the smallest dust and smoke.
Electret is a dielectric material that, a long time preserving the polarized state after the external influence, which led to the polarization (or charge) of the insulator, and created in the surrounding quasi-constant electric field.
Filter effectively delays the small particles of dust, dust mites, tobacco smoke, animal hair particles and other microscopic particles that cause allergic reactions in humans.
The filter does not require frequent replacement - electret effect lasts up to 5 years of operation.

Anti-bacterial Suppressor filter

Antibacterial coating helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, staphylococci, fungi, and inhibits the proliferation of these microorganisms on the filter.
Filter of the cellular structure can capture drones for sale microscopic particles ranging in size from 0.1 microns, and the degree of purification is 95%.

Nano-titanium Catalyst Antichemical filter

The filter blocks and removes harmful chemical compounds and acts as a purifier of odors and gases, as well as destroys bacteria.
Solid catalyst, titanium dioxide, incurred in the form of nano-sized particles, has a strong oxidizing properties. Harmful chemical compounds (formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) exposed to light are rapidly decomposed into harmless components.
The filter can be reused after regeneration exposed to direct sunlight. What is more, it is absolutely environmental-friendly.

Catechin air-filter

Catechin is a natural substance, contained in tea leaves, that has antibacterial effects. Special C&H technology, which significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning the surface of the filter is applied catechin. It inhibits bacterial growth and kills cancer-causing substances, such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella and others with an efficiency of 95%.

Anti-smell Activated Carbon filter

The filter is made of activated carbon of micro-cellular structure, which absorbs harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, as well as all the unpleasant odors.
The filter has such features as high-speed and high absorptive capacity.